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December 04, 2017



Having a burn out and depression and not having the energy or spark for the hobby one loves is pants! Beeing there, doing that.

But it gets better! It really does. And you’ve done so wonderfully much for this hobby we share. The president should give you a medal this indipendence day!

Doing only/mostly things that feel good is the right path to take! Good for you for finding that road. Maybe you could try a new hobby? I’ve been able to do that. Trying a new hobby does not mean that you abandon the old one, and the old one will be there when you decide it feels good again!

And remember the words of the late Queen Mother (I learnt this saying from that wonderful podcast you recommended for me all those years ago):
Tinkety tonk old fruit, and down with the Nazis!

PS: Congrats on getting older (don’t remember the date, but I know it was around these parts of the calendar)!



I expect this to get better, but I'm seriously taking this very easy and not doing anything that isn't first and foremost fun. No fixed timetable or schedule in sight, just breathing in and out. As to a new hobby. Perhaps, if it is fun. :)

Two more weeks. Then I'll be officially L.

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