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December 05, 2019



Neither me nor the good lady translator her indoors had heard of Marsheaux before. Thanks for the tip, we both enjoyed the track you linked to. S had of course a closer relationship to the song than me (though even I had of course heard the original before), so her appreciating the Marsheaux version was a true seal of approval. ;)

About the slipping away of things: I recognize the feeling. Unfortunately my discussions with professionals have not really led to any great realisations of what to do. Other than that the change must come from my self, which probably is the thing I find hard to accept.

On a lighter note: I dont use Spotify that much, but mostly I scrobble all the music I listen to, so should have a more or less accurate picture of my listening habbits.


Good to have been of assistance. I fully recommend the entire album (and their other recordings as well). Reinterpreted with love and brought to this day without going too far off from the original sounds.

You'll get there. We'll get there. It will be OK in the end.

That list looks very you. :)

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