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December 17, 2021



Do you watch ALL the extras or just some kind of ”best of”? I mean, aren’t there several audio commentaries for each film, so with just those it would take days to get through everything!

I feel a bit of envy biting my toe thinking about all that LoTR watching. ;)

Sari Polvinen

I never listen to audio commentaries on any film. They are just annoying. But we/I do watch all the other extras. Sometimes I skip the movies and just watch the extras. There are twelve days of Christmas after all :-)


Millaiseen televisioon muuten päädyit?

Jukka Halme

OIsko tuo nyt Sony Bravia 4K LED älytv tai jotain sellaista. Kivasti näkyy ja kuuluu, vielä kun saadaan juttelemaan kaikkien älyvempaimien kanssa, niin lienee vielä hyvempi.

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